Bug? Too Much Margin when Copying Metafile Figure in Windows

When copying an image in the RStudio IDE as a meta-file, the margin is increased to the bottom and right when pasted into PowerPoint or Word relative to how it looks in R.

Steps to reproduce are:

  1. Create any plot (plot(1~1))
  2. In the plot window, click the pull-down for "Export"
  3. Choose "Copy to Clipboard..."
  4. Next to "Copy as:" on the bottom left of the window, choose "Metafile"
  5. Click the "Copy plot" button
  6. Switch to PowerPoint
  7. Paste (Ctrl-V)

Potentially important details about my setup:

  • I'm running Windows 10 (current patches) with R 3.4.3
  • I have a laptop and use the primary laptop display and an external monitor.
  • In my Windows display settings, I have "Scale and layout" set to 125%.