Bug? RStudio opens multiple tabs

Hey guys, I am linking to a previous thread that just closed to continue this conversation. (see below)

I too have continuous problems with RStudio opening files as if I had run view( ) repeatedly. Most recently, when running a For loop it would repeatedly open one of the files I was manipulating in the loop until I had 20 or so tabs of the same file open. This would finally stop when the loop finished.

Like it mentions in the thread I linked, its not a very repeatable problem but when it does occur its extremely inconvenient as it automatically pulls you away from your script tab and in my case then forces you to manually close 10-20 unnecessary tabs. I too noticed this problem with the new RStudio update late last year and had assumed it would be noticed and fixed quickly. This doesnt seem to be the case and I know of other people who have the same problems. Do we have any more information on this bug or its possible fixes? Any info would help!

Edited: here is a screencap example of these tabs in my case

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This happens to me a lot. Would like to know if there is a fix.

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