[Bug report] Korean letters break down on iOS, with rstudio server preview 1.2.1070

Hello everyone!

I have found a bug on preview version of rstudio server 1.2, want to report it.

The preview version of RStudio server is nicely working with web browsers even on iPhone or iPad.
But when inputting Korean characters on iOS, characters are broken down into elements one by one.

It seems like the web IDE does not interact well with the Korean input method, especially with iOS. It did not occur with 1.1 version. I was excited to use RStudio on the iOS, but this problem frustrates me.

I appreciate for the great software and community, and please, take a look at this issue.

Thank you!

Thanks for the bug report! Would you be willing to file this at https://github.com/rstudio/rstudio/issues, so that we don't lose track of it?