[Bug Report ] CTRL-SHIFT-L stops working


on RStudio 1.1.383 , after working for a while and apparently at random, the CTRL-SHIFT-L shortcut for
devtools::load_all(.) stops working. To have it working again, I need to close and re-open RStudio.

This happens both on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 17.04 (and was already present in older "preview releases"). Is anyone else having this problem ?

By the way: Is this the best place to report this kind of problems, or should we still use the "old" RStudio Support page (https://support.rstudio.com) for this kind of topics ?

This is indeed the right place for bug reports now; we plan to eventually phase out the support forums currently used at http://support.rstudio.com.

Unfortunately, it's hard to diagnose problems like this without being able to reproduce the issue. If you're able to discover a set of actions that seems to cause (or at least increase the incidence of) this issue, it would be greatly helpful.

Thanks for the reply. I know that it is difficult to understand what's happening in this case. I was "hoping" that someone else was observing the same behaviour, which could aid to more easily pinpoint its cause.

For now, I can just say that I tend to use CTRL-SHIFT-L a lot for automatically saving all changed files and update everithing before testing when I'm working on a package. Also, the other devtools shortcuts seem unaffected (e.g., CTRL-SHIFT-B continues to work). I'll see if I can mangae to pinpoint the problem a bit more.


I finally managed to identify were the problem seems to originate.

In practice, CTRL-SHIFT-L in the "R" console seems to stop working if you ever happen to hit CTRL-SHIFT-L when focus is in the RStudio terminal.



For me, CTRL+SHIFT+L does not work on detached editor windows (using lates RStudio for linux)

Thanks, this is what we needed to reproduce the issue! I was able to see the problem when I did this. Github issue here:

I will fix this in a future release, but for 1.1 you can solve it by:

  • Tools / Modify Keyboard Shortcuts
  • type "clear terminal" in the filter
  • double-click on the Shift + Ctrl + L, delete it, and Apply

Ctrl+Shift+L should now do devtools::load_all even if there's a terminal open. See the GitHub issue opened by jonathan for more details.


Also remapping the shortcut to something else works (should have thought about that... ;-)), so that I can keep the "clear terminal buffer" shortcut functionality.

By the way: I also tried to map both "clear console" and "clear terminal buffer" to something else (e.g. CTRL - L) for both, and now that "breaks" clear console. It seems therefore that at the moment having the same shortcut mapped for one thing on the console and a different one on the terminal is not possible, since the terminal seems to take precedence after first issuing of the shortcut on it.


Ctrl+L will clear the terminal if focus is in the terminal, otherwise it clears the console. This is special built-in behavior, you don't need to define it in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog for the terminal (and as you found, will cause problems if you do).

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