[Bug report] Clipboard export unchecks "Maintain aspect ratio"

To reproduce:

  1. Click on the export button for a plot and choose clipboard. When the dialog opens up, the "Maintain aspect ratio" checkbox will be checked if checked for the last export.
  2. Enter a new dimension in the Width box and tab to have it take effect without closing the window. The "Maintain aspect ratio" checkbox will now become unchecked.

Expected behavior is for nothing to happen to the checkbox.

PS If you just hit enter to update the size after changing the dimension or click into the Height box, the setting sticks (though the window closes if you hit enter). An exception to this is that if you enter a number that is too big into Width, like 5000, clicking in the second box will result in the unchecking. (I think it's because the number is too big.)

In general, I think that to increase the likelihood of any bug or request being addressed the best venue is https://github.com/rstudio/rstudio/issues

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