Bubble heatmap with taxa informations

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Someone have any idea, how plot a graph like this example? I want to do a graph with phylum: family and genus, using with genus the same colors as phylum. It's used Deseq2 package? Or another one?graph

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I am unaware of what Deseq2 can do for ploting. I can suggest you some conceptual steps you can follow.
For genus label,

  1. First, extract the values calculated from deseq or what are the values you want to plot here, it seems like they are using two different values in the plot (one in x-axis, might be some fold change estimate and another is for the size of dots).
  2. After you extract the values from the deseq2 package. Remember to have a complete data frame that has everything that you want to see in the plot. (for example, phylum-level information)
  3. You can use ggplot package to plot this easily in R.
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