{bslib} nav items in sidebar

Preamble: I know I can do this with base Bootstrap; I'm specifically curious as to how/if this can be done with {bslib}.

I'm trying to use {bslib} to create a dashboard-like page, similar to the Google Analytics layout (for those familiar).
There's a static top-nav, so I'm using page_navbar() as the main layout.
This navbar contains a few nav items, some of which can affect the main content display.

Then there's a collapsible sidebar containing additional nav items which also affect the main content display.
This should be a 'pill' list, but navbar_pill_list() actually reserves space within the sidebar for the content associated with that list.
Rather, I just want to the pill list and to 'link' those pills to the main content display.

Simply removing the sidebar and using navbar_pill_list() as the main content display gets close, but then we lose the easy collapsibility of the sidebar.

In general is there an easy way with {bslib} to place nav controls (e.g. menus, items) in various places and have them control a single display?
Phrased another way: I'd like two separate containers of nav elements (one in the top navbar and one in the sidebar) that control the same main content (which itself can be hidden tabset panels, e.g.).

Again, I can create some custom inputs to do this but am wondering if I'm just missing some understanding of {bslib}'s layout mechanisms.


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