bs4Dash - weird URL characters added

I love this package. When hosting an app on shinyserver or the app
adds all these characters to the end of the URL string. What is that and can I turn it off.

Their demo page is my example.

but then the link will add extra stuff, here is what I get, but I think it is unique to the session. I've seen the /_w... grow over time and I just want to clean it up and turn it off. In my app I'm not sure if it is causing unintended consequences as well.


I found the source of the weird URL characters. Below is a response from David on github.

It is the "workerID" and if you want to get rid of it, which will break the original bs4Tab and sidebar navigation, you can edit the bs4Dash.js file. I was mostly playing here and trying to drive the tabs my own way.

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