Broken links when deploying website


we started to use pkgdown to create documentation for some of our packages. When I build a website with pkgdown::build_site() I get a working result. Auto linking vignettes and linking functions within examples just works fine.
We then use a GitLab CI/CD pipeline and GitLab pages to deploy the website. Unfortunately on the deployed website, the links to the vignettes disappeared and the functions in the examples are linking to

In the _pkgdown.yml file I specified the URL under which GitLab deploys the website. The public facing pkgdown.yml is correctly produced with the correct links to the articles and references. I furthermore checked that all links in the stemap.xml are correct.

Am I missing anything? Any idea how I could further track down what is going on? (using pkgdown version 1.5.0)

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Are you able to share a link to the GitLab repository or the deployed pkgdown site? That'd make it easier to help you troubleshoot. Alternatively, you could create an example repository that displays the same behavior.

Are the links to functions within the same package or to functions in some of your other packages? Apparently cross-package function links require the pkgdown site to be in the URL field of the file DESCRIPTION, e.g. see this devtools issue about cross-linking to functions from other packages.

Thanks for your reply! I am unfortunately not able to share the pkgdown site. I also know that the information which I provide here is by far not enough to solve the problem. But I was hoping someone with a bit more insight in the package could point me towards a check which narrows down the issue. I am worried that it has something to do with different versions of the various dependencies.

I provided in both, the DESCRIPTION and the _pkgdown.yml, the URL. But this is not related to linking between cross packages. It already breaks when linking within the package.

I am wondering how the links end up in the package site. The .yml is read (since the other settings are fine), but the url seems to be completely ignored. I guess in the local version of the pkgdown site, the linking is done in a different way.

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