Broken links for Ubuntu RStudio 1.2 on older versions page

I am troubleshooting an issue with RStudio 1.3 on Ubuntu, and I would like to install RStudio 1.2. The RStudio downloads page points you to the the page Older Versions of RStudio. Most of the links on this page work fine. However, the one I need is the exception. Both the Installer (updated installer link) and Tarball (updated tarball link) links for RStudio 1.2 for Ubuntu are broken. When I click on them, I get an XML file with an error message.

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>

Since this is a problem with the RStudio website, and not RStudio itself, I didn't want to post it on the RStudio Issues.

Searching for past versions, I also found this previous Community post: how do you install previous version of RStudio? It points to the old RStdudio support site, which now contains a link to the older versions page above.

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Thank you for the heads up -- we'll get these links fixed up ASAP.

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@kevinushey A quick check-in. The links for RStudio 1.2 are still broken.

These are fixed now, thank you for letting us know!

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