Brochure: Navbar for diff. shiny apps?


I found the great {Brochure} package and played around with it. From a web dev perspective this was a real missing piece in the r/shiny world.

I wonder if it is possible to use one "umbrella" (or "brochure") so that several different shiny apps use the same Navbar (as there is shiny::navbarPage() and bslib::page_navbar() with splitting my code into shiny modules but had no success.

I tried

    tags$a("Home", href = "/")
    tags$a("First page", href = "/page_1")

(taken from the example from Add nav_item() and nav_spacer() for external links, inline forms, and alignment by cpsievert · Pull Request #319 · rstudio/bslib · GitHub)
which gave me a nice menu - but I couldn't figure out how to add an UI-element for my content below the menu.

All examples that use {brochure} have simple tags$a within a sidebarLayout to refer to the different apps - is this the only way to go currently?

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