Broad question from a novice Shiny user

Hello! I made a shiny app that pulls data from a .csv in order to let users dynamically select data from it and make visualizations. My goal is to translate the shiny app to pulling data that's formatted the same way from a SQL database. I've done some reading but am not very experienced with SQL, so please pardon the broadness / noobness of these questions:

Will the shiny app need its own container? Can it be hosted on the same server as the database with a SQL or API connection?

Actually, I have a part of your problem. I mean that I have not yet configured out, how to host my shiny app in my sql server on for example XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX http address. So, shiny server should listen to that address.
In order to avoid exports from your sql into .csv format, you have to use an odbc connection or rodbc. You can find more info online.

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