Boxplot - how to remove values labeling outliers

When I make a box plot using RCMDR I get values alongside the outliers. I want to remove them. I not very good at this - simple is best.

I do not have Rcmdr installed but looking at a YouTube video it looks like the basic command is:

Boxplot( v1 ~ v2,  data = mydata, id.method  = "y")

You might want to try changing  the id.method to "n" . Type this into the script window:

Boxplot( v1 ~ v2, data = mydata, id.method = "n")

Alternatively since Boxplot looks like a wrapper for boxplot  you might 

boxplot( v1 ~ v2, data = mydata

Note *boxplot* not *Boxplot* 

Otherwise we need an Rcmdr expert.

Can you copy the code that is output in the script window and post it here?

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