Boxplot [ggplot] - removing the frame

Hello everyone! My problem is trival I think, but I'm just starting my adventure with data visualization in R and have absolutely no idea where to find the function that I need. Could you please prompt me?

I made a boxplot merged with violinplot. Here is my code:

example_plot=ggplot(mymelteddata,aes(Population,value, fill=Population, ))+geom_violin()+facet_wrap(~variable,scales="free")+geom_boxplot(width=0.1)+theme_classic()+scale_fill_brewer(palette="PiYG")+theme(legend.position = "none")+labs(x="Solidago canadiensis")+labs(y=NULL)

Could you please tell me, how can I remove this frames above every single plot (black frame around the variable name)? I would be very thankful!

Your specific case can be solved by setting color of strips to white:

  theme(strip.background = element_rect(colour = "white"))

Read this documentation for more details:

P.S. Please learn how to provide usable reprex.

Oh great, it works! Thank you very much for help! :slight_smile:

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