Bootstrap Statistics

I tried to bootstrap to estimate the standard error and construct a confidence interval. Unfortunately, I get 0 for my standard error. Did I miss anything somewhere? Please help!

Hello @kathrynssy ,

in line 49 you say that your are defining a function.
But in line 50 you just calculate a constant.
Could this be the reason for your unexpected result?

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Furthermore, I think that the value of the bootstrap you need to inseert inside the function and not separately. For example I used the bootstrap for the levene test and the script is


I would also say the definition of mean_difference is incorrect.

It doesn't need to be a function, as you define meanFunc() later, but currently it's a vector of length 1, which you can't bootstrap on: if you resample from a vector of length 1, all the resamplings can only contain that one value.

The data argument of the boot() function expects a dataset that can be resampled.

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