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I've successfully created a book in bookdown, but have renamed my account to better fit with the team involved in the project. While the account name is successfully changed (from spedunkler to igisc), the bookdown book is still hosted at with the original user name in the URL.

Perhaps I need to disconnect the old name in Options>Publishing in RStudio, then create a new connection using the renamed user name? I'm a bit timid to try this, since the bookdown project is working well as is.

The url is auto generated at the first deployment. So it was created with your first user name. I can rename the url to be if you want but the previous one will not work anymore.

Just tell me and I can do it.

Please do change it, thank you! The project is early enough that I can let the folks who might be looking for it know the new address. This is a wonderful resource, and some of my students are interested in contributing chapters. And is there anything I need to do in RStudio before doing the next publish_book()?

It is done : Introduction to Environmental Data Science

And is there anything I need to do in RStudio before doing the next publish_book()?

You may need to reconnect RStudio using the new username but I am really not sure.

Thanks. The RStudio part worked out pretty seamlessly. I did see one problem of the change in URL in that the listing on All books on | Bookdown for the book creates a 404, but that probably is repaired at some point.

Yes it is updated every Thursday so it should be ok today. I’ll have a look

The site has been updated

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