Bookdown: Space between paragraphs in place of float

When writing two paragraphs with a figure in between them, LaTeX often places the figure of the resulting file on the top or the bottom of the page, which is what I want.
However, it also creates vertical space between the paragraphs, which is not intended.
Is there a way to suppress the vertical space?
Consider the following minimal example:

output: pdf_document
This is my first paragraph. 
Next in the Rmd file would be the code for the figure.  
The figure is correctly treated as a float by LaTeX, meaning that LaTeX will put it to the next suitable position.
```{r pressure, echo=FALSE, fig.cap="Example", out.width='0.5\\textwidth', fig.pos='B'}
The problem now is, that this leaves space to my second paragraph.
Usually, this should not be the case.
In pure LaTeX, there is a linebreak, of course, but no vertical space in addition.

I hope, this helps to illustrate the problem better.

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I think I know what you mean, but is there anyway you might make a quick reproducible example .Rmd file others might work with?