`bookdown::publish_book`: cannot publish to private RStudio Connect server

We have our own internal RStudio Connect server, simply named rsconnect. When I try publishing a bookdown document to this server, I keep being asked to configure a bookdown.org publishing account. If I answer no, the command does not go further. If I answer Yes, it redirects me to an activation page on bookdown.org. Is this normal? I would have expected it to only link up with our server, without passing through bookdown.org.

> bookdown::publish_book(server = "rsconnect", account = "jerome", render = "local")
You do not currently have a bookdown.org publishing account configured on this system.
Would you like to configure one now? [Y/n]:

Hey @jerome! This is a fantastic question!! It sounds to me like there may be something amiss here.

You may not want to share here for security / privacy, but I would take a look at the output of rsconnect::servers() to be sure that "rsconnect" is indeed defined and pointed at the appropriate URL for your Connect instance.

I haven't been able to attempt this yet, but I will try to give this a go later! Would you mind also sharing packageVersion("bookdown")?