Bookdown problems

Hi everybody.

I am trying to render my book with bookdown but I am facing problems. The book that has been built presents 2 problems:

  1. when I click on the name of the book (on the middle up area of the page), i am not redirected to the index page. A page with the a tree directory appears instead of the initial page

  2. The search tool does not work as well.

I kindly ask some support to address these 2 issues.

Many tanks in advance.

Can the book source be shared? Or is it already on github for example? We will need more information in order to help effectively.


Tks for your reply.
No, I have not shared the book nor uploaded it to GitHub.
The problems come when opening the file "index.html". As I said, usually when you click on the name of the book wherever you are, you will automatically return to the main section/ cover of the book. Instead, it appears a tree directory with all the files rendered.

The second problem regards the "search" functionality which is not working either (also in the upper section of the book).
I would have like to attach a file with some pictures but I am not able to do it in this environment.

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