Bookdown: Line breaks before math in Safari

When viewing a Bookdown book in the Safari browser, sometime a line break wrongly appears directly before inline math. The place I most often notice this is in second-or-later paragraphs within theorem-like environments.

Here's an example:

site:   bookdown::bookdown_site
output: bookdown::gitbook

We have $a$ and $b$ and $c$.

We also have $d$ and $e$ and $f$.

In Chrome this looks as it should, but in Safari, some line breaks appear where they shouldn't:

Is there a way to fix this, or is it the browser's fault?

[Edit: Escaped my back-ticks properly.]

There must be something different in the CSS applied by browser if you don't get the same result between two browsers.

Can you try a new feature from bookdown 0.21

::: {.theorem}
We have $a$ and $b$ and $c$.

We also have $d$ and $e$ and $f$.

This is the new way for those environment - it uses Pandoc's fenced div to build custom block and we added support for bookdown's special env: bookdown/ at main · rstudio/bookdown · GitHub

I am curious if Pandoc processing will solve this issue . Can you try ? Thanks!

About that: FAQ: How to format your code

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Yes! The ::: {.theorem} method displays correctly in Safari. Thanks!

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Great !

We made the new syntax to work specifically to improve the support of markdown syntax inside the block !

Glad it works!

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