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inserir um exemplo do teste de Breush paga

This chunk is transformed into Example 5.1 but, as I put in _config,
example: 'Exemplo'
like referred in the book of, I should get Exemplo 5.1 when knitring. Can someone help me? I'm writing a book in portuguese.
Cristina Miranda


You need to follow the doc more closely:

I believe it would be

    exm: 'Exemplo '

Thank you. I read it several times and I begun with exm. Since it didn't work, i tried example, just like the name of the chunk. It doesn't work with theorem or example chunks. It does succeed however with table and figure.

What is describe in the book works for me

  • test.Rmd
title: example block
output: bookdown::html_document2

This is a special block

and _bookdown.yml

    exm: 'Exemplo '

I get

as it is working with html_document2, it should work also with any other bookdown format.

If you have an issue with that, please give us some details to reproduce on our side.

I appreciate your readily answer. I did as in your example. I send you a print screen so you can check. Any idea of the origin of the problem? Where should I look for the problem?
In the rmd file I have

inserir um exemplo do teste ...

But look at the result! Example instead of Exemplo.

Thank you!

:thinking: that is odd. Thanks for sharing all this, that does really help understand. It is important to get all the context of an issue.

  • Which version of bookdown are you using ?
  • Did you restard R and RStudio already ?
  • What does your chunk example looks like ?


Thanks for the tip. I had already restarted Rstudio several times and bookdown version was recent but, inspired by your sugestion I've uppdated some other packages, rmarkdown included. Then I restarted RStudio again and it finaly works! :slight_smile:
Thanks again!


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