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I'm developing a resource (currently closed-source but hoping to open-source) in R Bookdown and I noticed that my output isn't offering the Microsoft interactive viewer in the browser. I've checked with some other published items and the Mastering Shiny book also doesn't offer this, but the R4DS book does. Both seem to be compiled with the bs4 format which I also use.

Does anyone have any information or experience in enabling the interactive viewer on Bookdown outputs.

Can you help me understand what the interactive viewer is ? Thank you
is it this icon ?

I found some doc about this. I don't know why the button does not show, but it seems manually entering works
Try read: in address bar

Found Use Immersive Reader in Microsoft Edge

If you know what is missing the HTML for the page, I would like to know. I did not found any information for developers about what should be (or should not be in the page) for the button to show

Thank you, prefixing read: is a helpful fix. Would be interested in the underlying cause, I'll have a dig around and see what comes up.

By way of background the interactive viewer is an accessibility feature that lets people change the formatting to make it easier for people with accessibility requirements to read.

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Thanks. Please do share your findings.

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