Bookdown deployment failure

For the past year or so, I've been updating a book and publishing it via rsconnect (Front Matter | Cooking After Retirement. However, for the last month or so, it has failed to deploy - I get the following output in the deploy tab:

Error in POST():
! failed with
HTTP status 403
you cannot change the type of content once deployed. This content is 'static',
but the bundle is identified as 'rmd-static'. Try deploying this bundle as a
new content item rather than updating an existing one.

  1. └─rsconnect::deployApp(...)
  2. └─client$deployApplication(application, bundle$id)
  3. └─rsconnect:::POST_JSON(service, authInfo, path, json)
  4.   └─rsconnect:::POST(...)
  5.     └─rsconnect:::httpRequestWithBody(...)
  6.       └─rsconnect:::handleResponse(httpResponse, error_call = error_call)
  7.         └─rsconnect (local) reportError(json$error)
  8.           └─cli::cli_abort(...)
  9.             └─rlang::abort(...)

Execution halted

I've tried giving it a new name, but that fails as well. I'm running RStudio Version 2023.06.0+421 on a Mac M1 Silicon with R version 4.3.1 (2023-06-16). All packages are up to date. Thanks in advance.

Are you publishing a bookdown content ? Is this a bs4_book() ?

I believe static means a HTML website, while rmd_staticmeans you are trying to deploy a Rmd website.
The difference is the publishing of sources, and aim to render on server instead of locally render and publish.

You should check what you are deploying.

Hope it helps

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