Bookdown customization examples?

Can anyone point me to examples where authors have adapted the base format to enhance the appearance of their book. Most seem to just stick to plain vanilla presentation


I'm not sure if it's actually bookdown, but, if it is, then Kieran Healy's Data Visualization for Social Science is impressively well-customized!

Thanks. Does not have a toolbar with a github link but can inspect some css

He's also on Twitter @kjhealy, I believe.
Oh, and here! :wave: Kieran!

Hello! Yes, it's customized bookdown. The aspiration is to put up a template, or even a little package, once it's done. As you might expect, right now behind the scenes it's not really fit for human consumption.


Good to hear. Look forward to seeing your work as and when

@kjhealy Has your project progressed as far as making anything public?

Also if anyone else has suggestions from their own work - or others - with CSS or other code, I would be very appreciative. I'm working on something now I'd like to add a bit of pizzazz, or at least distinctiveness, to it

This might not be what you're looking for, but Chester Ismay created the thesisdown package, which uses bookdown as the bassi for a thesis template. I wouldn't say it has pizzazzβ€”it's aimed more at getting a traditionally LaTeX-looking thesis out of bookdown, rather than producing a modern-looking book. But it might give you an idea of what does into making a LaTeX template that works with bookdown :slightly_smiling_face:

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@rensa Thanks for suggestion - though not quite what I had in mind

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