Bookdown contest submission: "Wildlife of the Arctic" conference website

The conference "Wildlife of the Arctic: Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystems State Assessment" took place in Arkhangelsk (Russia) during 30 October - 03 November 2017. The official website had limited possibility for supporting of this conference due to standardization for various events. It was decided to make an extension of official website, first for the organizing committee, then for the participants. The result is available at See also github repo

Features and highlights (some features are available in Russian branch only):

  • bookdown::gitbook for rendering.

  • Bilingual (Russian, English), however both branches are rendered separately.

  • Rather HTML, then PDF; I have no skill how to prepare PDF from Cyrillic.

  • Embedded leaflet map, pdf and flickr.

  • Embedded shiny application for ongoing items of schedule (Sorry if in archive due to free plan, but simulation mode can be activated by demand of judges; see screenshot below)

Technical details:

  • Source data (abstracts and OSM data) were pre-processed. Excel sheets are used for gridding of presentation schedule.

  • rmarkdown::word_document with reference_docx was used for preparing printed-coped documents


That is an interesting application of bookdown. Thanks for sharing!