Bookdown contest submission: University of Washington template

Please see this example-dissertation repository for the template and other resources that I used at the University of Washington in 2017. Feedback welcome!


This work was inspired by GitHub users yihui, rosannav, and brianhigh.

Thanks! This is the first submission we have received after we just announced the contest a couple of hours ago!

I assume this template is for PDF only (which will make perfect sense to me), right? If so, is this the full output?

Thanks, Yihui! I appreciate all of your efforts. You are correct. That is the full output, which is PDF only (per school requirements). Hopefully others find it useful. It can certainly be improved. Just happy to share with a community that has been so supportive over the years.

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As I just started reviewing the contest submissions, I tested you repo, and it was awesome! One minor suggestion is that you can probably minimize the number of R packages required for this template (I see you used the packman package to automatically install a large number of R packages, which could be a little surprising to users). Thanks!

Thanks, Yihui! I'll have a look and try to fix this issue.