Bookdown contest submission: Thesis template of Renmin University of China


Write thesis with the template for RUCers!

Repo for This Template

Repo: GitHub - MelodyRen1998/ruc-thesis-template-via-bookdown: Thesis template for Renmin University of China

Screenshots of The PDF Output Cover for The Bachelor Template

Users can view .pdf, and .tex in '_book/'.

Technical Details

The pdf template of bookdown-ruc originated from the LaTeX template 'ZebinWang/ructhesis', which was modified as 'latex/main.tex'. However, the title, author and some other info are revised.


  • Download the GitHub Repo
  • Revise 'index.Rmd' and '***.Rmd' as your own manuscript.
  • Build the book with R bookdown.

As the judge of this contest, I'll pretend I didn't see "Renmin University of China" in this post for obvious reasons. :wink:

The template looks great! It will be even better if it doesn't require Windows-specific fonts such as SimSun , SimHei , or FangSong, but I understand they might be the requirement of the graduate school, with which I had struggled eight years ago...

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for reviewing! I think it will be used by most of my classmates in two years when we are going to graduate. :star_struck: