Bookdown contest submission: Geocomputation with R

This is an open source book on geographic data in R. Source code: GitHub - geocompx/geocompr: Geocomputation with R: an open source book publicly accessible book:

Innovative features

  • Huge amount of effort's gone into this in an international collaboration: 5000+ commits over the course of nearly 2 years, providing decent R-geo teaching resources to people around the world for free (although a hardback of the book will be made available for sale by CRC Press): Commits · geocompx/geocompr · GitHub

Thanks for looking at our submission,

Robin Lovelace, Jakub Nowosad and Jannes Muenchow.


The richness of the content of this book is amazing! Animations, interactive widgets, Shiny apps, ... These are all I have been hoping to see in online books. Thank you all for the two-year effort and the wonderful book! I hope it will inspire more authors!

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We know we should be doing more geo stuff at work, so I'm blazing a bit of a trail, and reading your book. I like it.

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