Bookdown contest submission: deepin-bible


This template is based on SJTU template, which stands for Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. So it is Chinese book template. I also add many feature from latex template from LaTeX Templates - The Legrand Orange Book. It aims to PDF, so format:gitbook and epub are ugly and ignore, but format:PDF beautiful.

Source: GitHub - bubifengyun/deepin-bible: 关于深度操作系统的使用介绍
Released PDF: Releases · bubifengyun/deepin-bible · GitHub

Features and Highlights:

  1. Bicaption supported, English and Chinese caption for figures.
  2. Adjust picture's size. When in markdown, big picture may go out of book. I add adjustbox for it.
  3. Beauty Code display. I add listings package, and contact with Pandoc to solve mathescpae=true bug.
  4. Full Support Latex examples in SJTU-template, any option can be added in this template.
  5. Full Support Rmarkdown example in Yihui,Xie's book template.
  6. Design beauty Part page with Quotes, Introduction and Contents
  7. Cover image supported.
  8. Beauty Question and answer examples.
  9. Appendix index used Chinese Tian Gan(天干)
  10. Resolve long-long URL cannot show well in itemize.
  11. Chinese index supported,(中文索引支持), thanks for 刘海洋,



Thanks for Yihui's great help, from how to write sjtu-template's class option in template, to how set bicaption in figures. I also searched many problems in So many people had helped me. I had copy their website in my template where I meet such problem. Sorry that I had forgotten someone.

Also, SJTU-template's writers, help me a lot. I just try and try and keep sjtuthesis.cls still. So the book come out. Next I will push a pull request to Pandoc, hope [bug] when lstset{mathescape=true}, lstinline cannot work well · Issue #4716 · jgm/pandoc · GitHub could solved.

Deepin OS inc. and others, give me much encourage.


The tons of typesetting and language features in this book are very impressive! Thanks for sharing!