Bookdown contest submission: a template for theses of the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences


  • Write theses of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

An Example with Its Repo


Screenshots of the pdf output are as follows. Users can view .docx, .epub, .html, .pdf, and .tex in '_book/'.

Technical details

The pdf template of bookdown-ucas originated from the LaTeX template 'mohuangrui/ucasthesis' . I modified it as 'tex/template_ucas.tex', i.e. the title, author and abstracts were moved from the original LaTeX template to the yaml of 'index.Rmd'.


  • Download the GitHub Repo.
  • Revise 'index.Rmd' and 'body.Rmd' as your own manuscript.
  • Build the book with R bookdown.