Bookdown contest submission: a Master's thesis on Global Terrorism (HWR Berlin)

  • Author: Pranav Pandya
  • M.Sc. Business Intelligence and Process Management (2016-18)

Accessing the thesis (output) online:

About customization:

  • This thesis uses a customized version of bookdown package namely thesisdown.
  • All the files related to bookdown are under index folder under the main repository. _bookdown.yml, template.tex, and index.Rmd are the main files where customization is applied as per university requirements.
  • Check thesisdown package on github for specific instructions regarding installation.

Repository/ source codes:

Main repository

  • Bookdown files
  • Shiny app:
    • global.R
    • ui.R
    • server.R
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view readme file for detailed overview about thesis

The thesis looks interesting and is a great application of thesisdown! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks a lot @yihui for this wonderful package :+1: