- redirect publication to external url

I am currently in the process of setting up a bookdown project with continuous integration via GitHub, Travis CI and Netlify. I've seen, that multiple projekts at (e.g. Advanced R and others) are hosted on an external domain.

How can I link a bookdown-publication with a bookdown-project hosted at another site (say netlify).

Can you be more precise? Do you mean that you want your book reference on

Yes, exactly. I have a book there, it is still hosted on RStudio Connect (which underlies as I believe).

To use Continuous Integration with Travis-CI I would rather host it on Netlify (because I think, it may be difficult to upload to to RStudio Connect via Travis, not sure how to make the credentials available atm).

My current idea would be to, redirect the link on to a netlify website. I think many books, listed on the first page do may sth like this, as they link to an external url.

(Hope it is clearer now, it's kind more than one question I guess,)

Yes it is clearer ! Thanks!

To get a book not hosted on listed, follow what is written in About bookdown and | Bookdown at the end of the page. Basically, you edit the R/staging.txt proposing a PR, that will be then merged in the repo. If there is something not clear, I can help.

About Travis and Rstudio Connect, if this topic is of any interest to you, there is an experimentation I know on how to that:

Hope it helps.