Bookdown: Blank output files (basically the output in HTML is blank an no RMD data is shown)

I am not able to find the source, I get no errors after kniting but the output index.html is blank. I thought maybe someone had an idea as to why might this be.

Thank you for your time.

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I don't think this is enough information to go on. Bookdown's are hard to make reprexs for, but as close to a reproducible example as possible would be helpful.

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I'm experiencing this issue. Bookdown knits without errors, but only the index.Rmd file is rendered correctly into an HTML page.

When I inspect the _book directory, I find HTML files that correspond to the Rmd input files, but they are all zero bytes in size. For example:


I first encountered it when attempting to create Bookdown output with my own files. But, as the screenshot above shows, it also occurs with the "Minimal Book Example" boilerplate created when setting up a new Bookdown RStudio Project.

It has persisted even after reinstalling the bookdown package and reinstalling RStudio itself.

Mac OS 10.13.5
R 3.5.0
RStudio 1.1.453
Bookdown 0.7

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Mac OS 10.13.6
R 3.5.1
RStudio 1.1.455 and 1.1.456
Bookdown (CRAN version) 0.7

After downloading the demo file from
and opening index.Rmd

Knit button from the source code panel produces a correct index.html page, but zero byte subpages.
bookdown::render_book('index.Rmd', 'bookdown::gitbook') from the RStudio Console knits all documents correctly.

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Same problem with 1.1.456 versión. However the external chapters are correctly included in the pdf versión without using the console. So if index.Rmd is:

title: "xxxx"
  bookdown::gitbook: default
  bookdown::pdf_book: default
site: bookdown::bookdown_site
# xxxx
xxxx xxx ...

And 01-xxx.Rmd, etc. are:

# yyyy
yyy  yyyy  ...

Works with "Knit to pdf_book" but with "Knit to gitbook" is showed only the first page. The "yyyy" chapters are showed in the left outline, but the link go to a empty 0 bytes pages.

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