Book: New statistics for the design researcher

Hi everyone,

I'd like to share with you the course book I am writing for Springer:

New statistics for the design researcher. A Bayesian course in tidy R

Draft chapters can be found at:

Two chapters are practically feature complete: Introduction to R and Linear Models. I've been using them succesfully in a master-level methods course in Human Factors and Engineering Psychology. By using tidy R I can teach beginners enough in one day such that they can write a complete results section in R/knitr. Tidyverse rules!

Feedback is warmly welcome. In fact I am currently short on reviewers. Anyone?



I'm only about half way through the Elementary Bayesian Statistics chapter, but so far it's nice, easy reading! :+1:

I'm a pathological copy editor, are you keeping this in a GitHub repo or anywhere I could easily give a few inline suggestions/tweaks?

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Thank you! There is a private repository. I'll try to figure out how to add collabrators. Besides that, Rstudio currently greyes out push and pull. Gotta solve that, too.