Blogdown: why my About page is listed as another post in my blogroll after updated?

I recently upgraded R to 3.5.1, RStudio (Windows) to 1.2 and all packages to their latest release. I have not changed my blog's config.toml. Suddenly when I serve site (blogdown:::servesite()) my About page appears in my blogroll as another post (the first post actually). Doing blogdown::build_site() and then serving the site again won't fix this.

I'm using ghostwriter theme if it matters, and the About page address did no change, it is the standard "page/about".

R version 3.5.1 (2018-07-02)
Platform: x86_64-w64-mingw32/x64 (64-bit)
Running under: Windows >= 8 x64 (build 9200)

Matrix products: default

[1] LC_COLLATE=English_Israel.1252  LC_CTYPE=English_Israel.1252   
[3] LC_MONETARY=English_Israel.1252 LC_NUMERIC=C                   
[5] LC_TIME=English_Israel.1252    

attached base packages:
[1] stats     graphics  grDevices utils     datasets  methods   base     

other attached packages:
[1] blogdown_0.8

loaded via a namespace (and not attached):
 [1] Rcpp_0.12.18    bookdown_0.7    digest_0.6.15   later_0.7.3    
 [5] rprojroot_1.3-2 mime_0.5        R6_2.2.2        backports_1.1.2
 [9] magrittr_1.5    evaluate_0.11   stringi_1.1.7   rstudioapi_0.7 
[13] promises_1.0.1  rmarkdown_1.10  tools_3.5.1     servr_0.10     
[17] stringr_1.3.1   httpuv_1.4.5    xfun_0.3        compiler_3.5.1 
[21] htmltools_0.3.6 knitr_1.20   

That is strange, but your hugo config likely matters more than your R session info, I think. Looking at the docs for ghostwriter, it's not clear to me why your About page would have moved into your blogroll, if your menu settings remain the same. Is About appearing in two places?

I also noticed that ghostwriter has updated the min Hugo version to 0.41, so that's something worth matching.

Have you tried deleting your about page (including artifacts), and then re-adding it expressly as a page as opposed to a post? (I don't use ghostwriter, and the Hugo themes vary quite a bit in terms of how they structure content, but it seems like a move that'd be worth a shot— assuming all of this is backed up and under version control, etc.)

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Mara, you're a genius. After what seemed to be eternity, I figured out the issue which was indeed incompatibility between the latest hugo version which came with installing everything from scratch on my laptop, and the version I had with ghostwriter (my local ghostwriter, which I downloaded over a year ago :pensive:).

Fix 1: downgrade hugo (e.g. blogdown::install_hugo(version = '0.20') - works!
Fix 2: update ghostwriter theme - haven't tried that because I changed so many things I'm afraid it will never be the same. But this is preferable so I guess I should at some time spend another eternity on this.

BTW - as another key for someone who might see this - the problem was "bigger". For some reason hugo chose to look at all Pages [even though it specifically says in layouts/index.html {{ $pag := .Paginate (where .Data.Pages "Type" "post") }}] and render their stubs with ghostwriter's "page-stub" class instead of "post-stub" class (which shows the post's date, for example, not its description). It wasn't a blogdown issue anyway.




Yay, glad you figured it out!

Just an FYI, if you want your Hugo blog to be GDPR compliant, you'll need to upgrade to Hugo >= 0.41.