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if I generate with blogdown a website, does the website make any use of cookies? I have not seen any, but I want to be sure. "General Data Protection Regulation" in the EU requires me to ask the user before a web site sets cookies.

Thanks Sigbert

I think you'll find your answers there:

Thanks for your answer, but it is not really helpful.

I agree completely to rgayler comment on 7 Jul 2018. The aim of blogdown is to make it easy to make a blog and should by default either GDPR compatible or at least give an option to create GDPR compatible default blog.
To push the responsibility to some underlying software used, here Hugo, is not okay.

However, analyzing the blogs web appearance does not reveal any cookies set. NoScript shows an access to which seems to be used to load a jQuery version which is unproblematic. Following the description in Hugo I disabled in the config.toml all services (see below). I hope I'am on the safe side now.

    disable = true
    disable = true
    disable = true
    disable = true
    disable = true
    disable = true
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