blogdown v1.0 to be released soon

Update: The new version (i.e., v1.0) of blogdown is on CRAN now: CRAN - Package blogdown

As hinted at the end of a recent RStudio blog post, we plan to release the next version of blogdown soon. This version 1.0 contains a lot of new features and (hopefully good) changes. Please see blogdown/ at main · rstudio/blogdown · GitHub for the full list of changes. If this NEWS file is too boring to read or hard to understand, Alison has written a fantastic blog post that has highlighted some of the new features to appear in blogdown v1.0:

I'll truly appreciate it if you could help us test the current dev version and let us know if you find any problems before we make the release:


We will make an official announcement of this release on after it is on CRAN, so I'm not going to say too much detail about it right now. I only want to mention one single thing that appears to have already helped several people who struggled with blogdown before. That is,


This function may save you from many kinds of frustrations: the high-speed train of Hugo (new versions that introduce surprising changes), the critical missing or wrong settings in config.yaml/config.toml, the forever confusing default unsafe = false for goldmark, the Hugo version in netlify.toml that causes inconsistencies between the local preview and published site, the important settings in .Rprofile, things that you should have or should not have ignored in .gitignore, wrong output files, mysteriously disappearing plots in posts, and so on.

Thanks in advance!


Congrats on the CRAN release :tada:


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