Blogdown::serve_site() stopped working after re-booting machine

Hi everyone,

I have a similar issue with blogdown. It may be related to your problem. I am a Mac user and a newbie to blogdown.


Rendering content/post/2018-02-10-academic-kickstart.Rmd
Error: object 'CF.mb' not found
Execution halted
Error in render_page(f) :
Failed to render 'content/post/2018-02-10-academic-kickstart.Rmd'

Blogdown is attempting to call a file '' that does not exist.

More information about my goals and problem can be seen at:

I searched the web and found workarounds that seem relevant but don't work. This one looked promising. file does not exist · Issue #63 · rstudio/blogdown · GitHub. Try:

R_nvim_wd = -1
It may work for you.