Blogdown::serve_site() stopped working after re-booting machine

Not sure howto make a reproducible example here - I started working with blogdown yesterday and was able to get a site up and running on Netlify. I wrote an initial post this morning and was able to use blogdown::serve_site() to preview changes in the Viewer window. I re-booted my machine and stepped away for a few minutes - when I tried to work again serve_site() doesn't show anything. The red stop sign appears for a second then disappears.

EDIT: I'm able to make changes and push to Github, and updates the site. I just can't see the updates locally.

Hi @GregRousell, try hitting the refresh button at the top right of the viewer pain. The box with the arrow (left most on the right side) should also open the site in your browser.

See also r - Error using blogdown serve_site - Stack Overflow

Thanks @jrlewi but it doesn't give me either option - both the refresh and popout buttons are greyed out. Same issue as Tiago mentions in the linked Stackover flow thread.

I have been getting same issue. serve_site() used to show what was happening in the console and sent output to viewer. Does neither now. No errors showing and appears to execute

This is interesting - I haven't been able to reproduce it myself yet, but seems like several people have run into it.

I'm on Windows (that often explains a lot)

I'm on Windows as well. It's a work machine so Mac isn't an option.

Hi everyone,

I have a similar issue with blogdown. It may be related to your problem. I am a Mac user and a newbie to blogdown.


Rendering content/post/2018-02-10-academic-kickstart.Rmd
Error: object 'CF.mb' not found
Execution halted
Error in render_page(f) :
Failed to render 'content/post/2018-02-10-academic-kickstart.Rmd'

Blogdown is attempting to call a file '' that does not exist.

More information about my goals and problem can be seen at:

I searched the web and found workarounds that seem relevant but don't work. This one looked promising. file does not exist · Issue #63 · rstudio/blogdown · GitHub. Try:

R_nvim_wd = -1
It may work for you.


Tried that - no such luck.