Blogdown or Bookdown for (academic) courses / course handouts

We're teaching a (masters) university course which relies heavily on R. Until now, we've been using bookdown to merge all the course materials (assignments, demo scripts, tasks and solutions) into a single object / course handout.

This has worked well so far, but the course is becoming larger and more complex (parallel sessions, varying difficulty levels), loosing some of its "linearity". We are now thinking of moving to blogdown since it seems better suited to handle non-linear material. I'm writing this post for two reasons:

  • To get your thoughts on the matter (blogdown or bookdown?), especially if you've used one or both for an (academic) course
  • To gather a few nice examples of courses which used one of the packages to gather the course material. I've listed the ones I've already found below. Do you have more examples?



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Hi Nils

Nice resource.

Feel free to add jabstb to your list:

I haven't stitched all of the assignments into this. I agree it does get unwieldy.

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