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I'm using this template [GitHub - calintat/minimal: Personal blog theme powered by Hugo] to create my website. Now, I've noticed that every time I write a code inline like for example the following line:

dlyr basics: (i)filter(), (ii) arrange(), (iii) select(), (iv) mutate(), (v) summarize() and pipeline operator

I get the code in red. Like the following:


I tried searching in the main.css file already but couldn't fine any line where I could change the color. I don't have the issue with the color when I knit the Rmd file to pdf or to word. Does anyone how I can edit the color of the inline code?

I would really appreciate any help :slight_smile:


Your theme is using highlightjs to highlight both inline code and code chunks:

You can see that it is pulling from these settings in your site's config.toml file:

You can see how this looks on the demo site:

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Thank you! I'll have a look at it :slight_smile:

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