blogdown hugo 'stylesheet could not be loaded'

I like this Hugo theme and would like to use the demo site as a starting point. I'm using the blogdown library to generate the site.

blogdown::new_site(theme = "miguelsimoni/hugo-initio")

I then edited config.yaml:

baseURL: /

Everything else default. My config.yaml now looks like this, from the themes repo:

baseURL: /
relativeURLs: true
languageCode: en
title: Initio - Free, multipurpose html5 template by GetTemplate
theme: hugo-initio
  DateForm: January 2, 2006
  address: 234 Hidden Pond Road, Ashland City, TN 37015
  author: Sergey Pozhilov (
  avatar: images/guy.jpg
  avatarclass: circle
  background: ''
  banner: images/bg_head.jpg
  description: A mystery person
  favicon: images/gt_favicon.png
      trackerID: GA-000000000-0
  name: Anthony Russel
  phone: +234 23 9873237
    custom: yes
    property: '123456789012345678901234'
  showClients: yes
  showDownloads: yes
  showFooterContact: yes
  showFooterFollowMe: yes
  showFooterFormWidget: yes
  showFooterTextWidget: yes
  showRecentWorks: yes
  showServices: yes
  showSubheader: yes
    - footer: yes
      icon: fab fa-facebook-square
      network: facebook
      sharethis: yes
      title: facebook
    - footer: yes
      icon: fab fa-twitter-square
      network: twitter
      sharethis: yes
      title: twitter
    - footer: yes
      icon: fab fa-instagram
      network: ''
      sharethis: no
      title: instagram
    - footer: no
      icon: fab fa-google-plus-square
      network: googleplus
      sharethis: yes
      title: google+
    - footer: no
      icon: fab fa-linkedin
      network: linkedin
      sharethis: yes
      title: linkedin
    - footer: no
      icon: fab fa-tumblr-square
      network: tumblr
      sharethis: no
      title: tumblr
    - footer: yes
      icon: fab fa-github
      network: ''
      sharethis: no
      title: github
    - footer: no
      icon: fas fa-envelope-square
      network: email
      sharethis: yes
      title: email
  year: 2017
    - name: home
      url: /
      weight: 1
    - name: blog
      url: /post/
      weight: 5

I then build and serve the site locally:

blogdown::build_site(build_rmd = TRUE)

What I see served:

What I expected / hoped to see:

The served site is not loading one of the css style sheets. If I go to the demo site and open the console, I can toggle on/off a particular stylesheet styles.min.64a6643395c6bf1ec6fff31d6429046b3ad467e58a279ff252dc019edd80a87051cf90b7fe2d589277def72d84602dcbc7115e2e17a94db3a8838336986a0ae3.css. This is the culprit, toggling this sheet on/off is the difference in style that I see between my served site and the demo one which I wish to imitate.

When I open the console on the served site and go to the styleeditor tab (firefox), I see an error message :

stylesheet could not be loaded http://localhost:4321/css/styles.min.64a6643395c6.....

Any ideas why this is happening and how I can get this stylesheet to render? I tried downloading it fresh from the demo site and adding into various dirs before building the site again, including in /static/css, /assets/css, themes/hugo-inatio/static/css but nothing I do can get this stylesheet to render :confused:

Adding a repo to reproduce this using a container.

To reproduce:

  1. clone the repo
  2. docker-compose build; docker-compose pull, docker-compose up -d
  3. In the browser go to http://localhost:8787/ and login with creds user: rstudio, password: test. You should see the rstudio console after logging in.
  4. Run the following line of R code in the console: blogdown::new_site(theme = "miguelsimoni/hugo-initio")

You should see the site running in the viewer pane, if you click to open in a new window, hoepfully you see what I see. A not as nice looking version of the demo site that is not rendering one of the stylesheets.

If you style document.styleSheets into the console you should see this (note the styles.min sheet is http):

How can I get this stylesheet to render on local?

Is this them still available ? I can't run this command - the theme won't download and this is a 404

Hi, sorry I had a typo there, it's 'miguelsimoni/hugo-initio/'

I've updated the post now to be the correct repo

Looks like this issue is due to the fact I'm running rstudio in a Docker container. I downloaded the desktop version and all worked as expected.

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Interesting. :thinking: I don't know really but possible something related to the site url and how resources are loaded from within the container maybe

Yeah, I think my issue was more a docker than R or blogdown question. Thanks for the conversation nonetheless! I'll select my last post as solution to close this.

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