Blogdown build_site(), serve_site(), and Netlify

I have a blogdown-based personal webpage online for a couple of months, all worked fine up to now.

I decided to update some info on the website. I did so as usual: Updated hugo through blogdown just in case (0.69.2), added the new website things in the contents folder, served the site locally to see whether it looks ok (I erased the contents of the public folder for good measure), and pushed all changes to Github. From Github I can tell all the changes are dealt well.

But I use Netlify to continuously build and deploy my website. And, it always shows the old version.
By looking at the logs I can tell that Netlify does import the latest push from Github and then does the equivalent of blogdown::build_site(): The summary table looks exactly the same as in RStudio. But blogdown::serve_site() is what I should do, afaik. At least, the summary table from serve_site() in RStudio shows a couple more changes being processed, which seem to amount precisely to the new contents I added to the website. I don' t fully understand this, even after having read through the documentation of Yihui Xie and some other threads in this forum (like this one).

Question: What is exactly the hugo command that is executed by blogdown::serve_site()? I could try to supply that to Netlify through the configuration file netlify.toml to circumvent the problem.

Full disclosure: I previously posted my question at Netlify's Community forum, but I received no reply until now, and I am really stuck here.

Many thanks in advance.

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