blogdown::build_site() error copying static files

I've been using blogdown to build this site since last May. I currently update it every two weeks when new data is available. I haven't changed anything since the last build, but today I got the following error:

blogdown::build_site(local = TRUE, build_rmd = TRUE)
[files successfully knitted]
Start building sites … 
Total in 46505 ms
Error: Error copying static files: chtimes [path]/stanford-datalab/covid-19-ca/public/: value too large to be stored in data type

All of my packages are up-to-date. I'm using blogdown version 1.1. Could you please tell me what I need to do to get things working properly again.

This looks like a Hugo issue. Is this a new post ? Did you change your Hugo version ?

This look a bit like so maybe you can try the workaround there

blogdown::hugo_build(args = "--noTimes")

and see if it works.

I don't think this is related to blogdown - it seems more something with Hugo and your website content. Maybe see in Hugo community if there is a similar issue ?


You were right. Your suggestion fixed the problem.

I didn't change any R packages or hugo, but I did upgrade macOS. Then, even the latest R packages and hugo had the same problem. Thanks for providing the link to the StackOverflow post. Since I'm not calling hugo directly, but rather through blogdown::build_site(), the actual fix I used was

options(blogdown.hugo.args = "--noTimes")

I really appreciate you help in diagnosing the problem and finding a fix.

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Your welcome. I don't know what happens then. Could be an issue in hugo itself.

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Done. Thanks for pointing out how to indicate a solution. I'll do this in the future.

Thanks again for you help in resolving this issue.

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