Blogdown Academic-group theme not rendering in RStudio local Viewer

I have been having trouble rendering the Hugo theme academic group - GitHub - biaslab/hugo-academic-group: An academic group website theme for Hugo.. This is a wonderful modification to the academic package for lab groups. The template only produces a non-formatted website. On a side note, the Academic theme sometimes renders in the same way, althought fixes itself when I run in the console not the "build website" button.

When this theme is run in a different program it renders correctly, so appears to be an RStudio issue.

Approach 1
Start new Rstudio blogdown website (need blogdown installed, then click Hugo installation when starting a new blogdown project): Start the project using the hugo theme "biaslab/hugo-academic-group" then run blogdown::serve_site().

This produces the following error "Error: Error building site: failed to render pages: render of "page" failed: execute of template failed: template: post/single.html:19:19: executing "post/single.html" at <partial "authors" .Params.authors>: error calling partial"

Despite the error, RStudio still produces a non-formatted website.

Approach 2
As recommended by the theme developer's readme on github (link above), I started a new website using the academic theme (any theme will do)

Download the academic-group-theme from Github into the "themes" folder, and then copy all the contents of the exampleSite folder to the root of your website, overwriting the current config file etc.

When run this way, there is no longer an error, however, the website still renders without formatting (Same as above). The formatting issue continues when running in browser and not in the RStudio local viewer.

Any help here would be truely appreciated.

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