blavaan upgrade to 0.5-5 fails in R 4.4.0 under windows 11 Pro

Upgrade of package blavaan from 0.5-4 to 0.5-5 under R version 4.4.0 (2024-04-24 ucrt) fails consistently as noted below. Package V8 is installed and up-to-date. This seems to be due to a rstan::stanc command problem in the config file.
Running either native R or RStudio on a Windows 11-Pro system. Rtools 4.4. RStan 2.32.6 StanHeaders 2.32.9
Interestingly, this update worked perfectly on my university Windows 11 desktop and R 4.3.3. (And Rtools 4.3, of course, and same versions of RStan and StanHeaders.) Is this an R version incompatibilty?
Thanks in advance any help or suggestions.
Larry Hunsicker

  • installing source package 'blavaan' ...
    ** package 'blavaan' successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
    ** using staged installation
    Error in rstan::stanc(file_name, allow_undefined = TRUE, obfuscate_model_name = FALSE, :
    parser failed badly; maybe try installing the V8 package
    Calls: -> sapply -> lapply -> FUN ->
    Execution halted
    ERROR: configuration failed for package 'blavaan'

This problem has been fixed by ecmerkle, the blavaan maintainer, in a new development version. Instructions for installing this updated version from source are available on github at the bottom of:

In R, enter:
remotes::install_github("ecmerkle/blavaan", INSTALL_opts = "--no-multiarch")

For those that would prefer, a precompiled version for the Windows R will be made available on CRAN in about a week.

Thanks, Ed, for the fix, the promptness of your response, and for the blavaan package.
Larry Hunsicker

remotes::install_github("ecmerkle/blavaan", INSTALL_opts = "--no-multiarch")

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