Blank White Screen

I am using RStudio 1.4.1106 . I was working on a program when R got stuck executing one of the lines of code. The data was pretty big .

When I attempted to save my work the saving process seem to have gotten hung for a unusual length of time.

After closing R and rebooting my machine, when R was restarted I got a blank white screen that only show the main menu items. The menu items can not open , only displayed.

I have tried deleting / renaming the folders :

Tried switching the Rendering Engine by holding the Ctrl key while opening R Studio

Uninstalled and reinstalled R and R Studio multiple times

Nothing seems to help. I really need someone who can offer a solution.


If your workspace is large and is being loaded on startup, RStudio may hang while it loads the data. Try deleting the *.rdata file your project folder (which deletes the workspace), and start RStudio again.

Thanks Mike for the suggestion.

Sadly, I couldn't get R back up and running and ended up reformatting my hard drive. :frowning:

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