Blank screen when opening RStudios


I'm trying to open RStudios but all I get is a blank screen. I am on windows and have tried Crtl + double clicking RStudio to change my rendering engine to 'Software' but am still having issues with a blank screen.

Hi! Same problem. I couldn't use the latest version RStudio in Win 11 and I installed the earlier version. The older version of RStudio installs and open without any issues and works normal. For now use this version for site I work (click for source) but search for solutions. Will be glad to receive help.


Rstudio consistently opens with a blank screen on my Mac (this may not help windows, sorry) but one way I have found to solve this is:

  1. Open Rstudio
  2. If you can, go to the Rstudio>Services tab and open an activity monitor (again, this may only be a Mac feature, sorry)

This seems to re-jig things on my device, and Rstudio opens shortly after. Good luck!

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