Blank screen on startup Mac

I am just writing as I see other users with blank screen on startup using a Mac and I have figured out my case and it may be useful for others. Any version past 1.1 leads to blank screen on startup under Big Sur 11.1. I did all the steps requested steps in the RStudio Desktop Will Not Start article. I do run my video through an eGPU unit. What I finally did was on the info box was to select 'Prefer External GPU' and everything worked on the latest version.

If you do not have an external GPU, you may also wish to try the 'Open in Low Resolution' box to see if there is some issue with the graphics card. You may also need to look under the 'Battery' Preference Pane and adjust 'Automatic graphics switching' should you have a Mac with both GPUs (Intel and some discrete one). These tweaks seem to do similar things to the Windows crtl-open option. Good luck!

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