bird song recognition program

Hello everybody,
I am a novice under R. I was admitted to an ecosystem modeling course. My mission is first of all to build a sonogram database of birdsong. Then write a program based on the comparison with the bird song recognition databases. My first question with you is: in what format should I import the sonogram data from Audacity?

In my experience, courses like these may have a suggested set of tools that your instructor or TAs have experience with. Did you by chance get any guidance as to the R packages you'll be using?

Failing that, a good place to start would be to check out the existing R packages for aucustic analysis. Many of these packages will then have a vignette to help onboard you to thinks like data loading, and basic usage.
Here's an example, (but note that I don't have experience with sound analysis and so should not be considered an authority)


Okay ! No, I do not yet know which package my host organization uses. A big thank you, I will orient myself in this direction.

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